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What are CBG gummies good for?

Cannabigerol ( CBG ) gummies are a form of CBG available for consumption. They offer consumers CBG in an easy to use and edible format, for those who want the benefits CBG has without having to smoke it.

Cannabigerol ( CBG ) Gummies as they’re known as, are a CBG product that is edible and rich in Cannabigerol- one of those cannabinoids found in marijuana. If you’ve been looking into CBGs recently then chances are high that this will be what you were hoping to read about.

The benefit of using CBG or CBD gummies is simple:

You can enjoy all the benefits without having to smoke anything! Each ‘gummy’ contains a tasty and satisfying CBG which you can take as many times as you like- there’s no limit! With CBGs there is no high, but rest assured that CBGs has several benefits that’ll make sure that your experience with CBG gummies to be at the very least pleasant.

The first truly abundant cannabinoid found in Marijuana , CBG stands for Cannabigerol. CBG has been shown to have antibacterial properties, much like THC or CBD . CBG also shows promise to combat tumors and cancer cells, just like CBD’s and THC’s do. The last important benefit of CBG is its ability to lower intraocular pressure ( IOP ) which CBG gummies also help to lower this pressure in the eyes ( CBG has been shown to be most effective at treating Glaucoma ), CBG treatments are starting to be used for people with high IOP. CBGs ability to treat glaucoma is important because there aren’t many CBGs available for patients who need CBG .

CBG Gummies and THC

For most us, CBGs is just another cannabinoid that may come along eventually but just like CBDs and Dabs- it can be confusing especially when it comes up all of a sudden. When CBDs started becoming popular around 2010 , they were seen as ‘the medical marijuana’. Now that THC’s are coming into the mix, CBGs to take a back-seat for CBNDs ( CBG -negative-druggies) but that doesn’t mean CBGs are useless or unimportant. CBG is naturally abundant in most cannabis plants, usually found just below CBDs and right above Dabs. CBGs also seem to be an intricate part of the plant’s defense mechanism while CBGs fight off pests while growing, THCs protect the marijuana leaves when smoked.

CBGs are by no means rare, but aren’t’ they’re not common either. CBNs are very close in quantity to CBGs with both CBNs and CBG making up about 10{f771d91d784324d4be731abc64bffe0d1fd8f26504ceb311bcfd8e5b001778f4} of the cannabinoid make-up of Marijuana . The main difference between Cannabinol ( CBN ) Cannabigerol ( CBG ) is CBG ‘s ability to bind CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBNs are CBGs without this action. This means that CBGs can’t get you high like CBNs , but the lack of psychoactive properties means CBGs won’t leave you couch-locked for hours like THCs do.

Cannabidiol ( CBDs ) received much attention early on when people learned about its many benefits, now THC is back in the game with its abundance and medical uses. CBGs were largely ignored because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects ( CBG can be used as an antidepressant ). But with Glaucoma , Cannabis -derived treatments are starting to pick up speed. Not only does CBG treat glaucoma, CBG gummies may help you with your glaucoma. CBGs are CBGs for a reason- they do not get you high like THC or cannabinol ( CBN ) does, but CBG seems to be the best one out of all three because CBG has an abundance of medical uses without any psychoactive effects.

Cannabis plants naturally contain cannabinoids at different ratios depending on the strain. The two most abundant cannabinoids are cannabigerol ( CBG ) and cannabidiol ( CBD ). CBDs are more abundant in most cannabis plants, usually found just below CBGs and right above dabs which is why CBG is sometimes referred to as ‘the stem cell cannabinoid’.