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Teens maybe digitally savvy, but they may lack maturity. Monitoring teen’s texting habits and setting appropriate limits may help prevent problems. Some tips for parents include: Talk to Your Teens. Discuss proper cell phone and texting use before issues arise. Nov 06,  · Our phone is our alarm and morning news, we turn to it for the weather, for recipes, when waiting for something, when we get a notification you get the idea. Children quickly pick up on the importance of the cell phone in their parents life and feel fully justified in allowing a phone to play a similarly deeply integrated role in their own life.

Apr 20,  · Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their communication strategies with friends. The mobile phone has become the favored communication hub for the majority of American teens. 1 Cell-phone texting has become the preferred channel of basic communication between teens and their friends, and cell calling is a close second. Sep 10,  · More teens are distracted by social media, using smartphone apps like Snapchat and Instagram constantly, a new survey by Common Sense Media shows. “They literally would rather text than talk.

This may not come as a shock, but about 1 out of every 4 people socializes more online than in person, 32% of people would rather text you than talk to you, and a whopping 51% of teens would rather communicate digitally than in person (even with friends).Founded: Oct 01, Apr 29,  · Teenagers 'more confident talking to each other via smartphones than face-to-face' – study Half of teenagers are more confident expressing themselves over text or social media than a Author: Louisa Peacock And Radhika Sanghani.