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Parents can help teens who cut — and the earlier, the better. Cutting can be habit-forming, and sadly, many people underestimate the risks of getting seriously sick or hurt that go along with it. What Parents Can Do. If your teen is cutting, there ways to help. Jul 23,  · 5. Help your teen create a list of people to talk to. Talking to trusted friends and family can help her cope with stress and reduce her self-injury. Make a list of caring adults your teen can reach out to, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, friends' parents, or neighbors that your teen can confide in.

Sep 08,  · Your Move, Parent: What to Do When Your Teen Is Cutting I found two best friends who I gradually learned to trust enough to open up to and they were so much help, I managed to stop cutting. Nov 28,  · Instead, cutting and other low ranking coping strategies are hastily adopted because our teens have no time, support, or creativity to develop better coping mechanisms. Cutting Is A Symptom.

Apr 03,  · How to Cure Teen and Adult Cutting. Cutting is a very serious and detrimental behavior that some people engage in as a coping mechanism for a difficult time in their life. Cutting can become addictive and may require professional help to 83%(24). Oct 30,  · I noticed Sarah’s arms as soon as I met her. It is hard not to, as 15 years of self-injury have rendered them more scar than skin. Sarah isn’t my student, but I’ve taught plenty of kids like her, and she offered to talk to me about why she has cut herself for a decade and a half, and how the adults in her life could have helped her manage the pain that prompted her to self-injure.