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Read news updates about Teen Idols. Discover video clips of recent music performances and more on MTV. It may be hard to imagine it if that's the only side of Walker you've heard, but he started his music career as a pop star. For a few years, his group the Walker Brothers were fairly successful in.

A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan-base. Teen idols are generally young but not always necessarily teenaged. Often teen idols are actors or musicians. Some teen idols began their careers as child actors, like Lindsay Lohan. The idol's popularity may . Eric Nies (born May 23, ) is an American former model and reality television personality. He first gained fame as a cast member on MTV's The Real World: New York, before going on to appear on that show's spinoffs and other reality shows, such as The Grind and Confessions of a Teen IdolBorn: May 23, (age 48), Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Jun 27,  · In the '50s, one of the first teen idols was James Dean, star of "Rebel Without a Cause." Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. As long as there have been teens, there have been teen idols, though the term really started gaining traction in the '50s with stars like Elvis. And since then, it seems like teenagers anoint different idols Author: Gabbi Shaw.