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i think melina is beatiful and sexy. those pictures are hot. and she one of the sexiest wwe divas in the wwe. now my opinion may be different from everrybody else. but she is hot!! Mileena's finishing move of devouring a still-living opponent in MKX was chosen as the most "hardcore" in the game by French website JeuxActu. Her own gruesome demise in the story mode of Mortal Kombat X was ranked third on Dutch XGN's list of the top death scenes in video e-witch.infod by: John Tobias.

Find and follow posts tagged wwe melina on Tumblr. Sep 22,  · BEST:Melinas Exterme makeover,Melinas California dream, Jillians cartwheel elbow drop,Randys RKO,and Mickies tornado DDT. WORST:five knuckle shuffel,The candy wraper by candice,and go daddy by candice,Oh and swanton bomb cuz that hurts jeff more than it hurts his [email protected]!!Followers: 1.

Apr 17,  · omg how hot are they there entrance is hotter than melinas and i though no-one could top that. i hope wwe can sign them they are great wrestlers aswell way better than maria and kelly kelly and ashley put together. do you think either of them will reach the big time in wwe and do you think they will become the next tna knockout or wwe womens e-witch.infoers: 7. I had come to her house under the pretense of watching a movie and chatting but I knew, and on some level perhaps she did too, there was more to this casual meeting. The movie was selected and we moved into the living room, as Melina moved to the TV and slipped the DVD into it's drive I made my move.