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Jan 07,  · Your home just doesn't sound sexy. Below is a list of some of the least sexy words I know. I avoided words that are unsexy because they refer to gross things. Instead, I . Feb 27,  · Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard wanted to find out what names people thought were sexy. She asked users of her database to rank the 40,+ names on the website from one to on the sexy scale. Sorry to all the Gertrudes and Bobs out there, but you just didn’t make the cut. It Author: Stephanie Petit.

Mar 26,  · I don’t understand Atlanta or Beverly Hills on the list, but boy, do you guys have it right with Greensboro being the least sexy city in America. Most people in the area call it Greensboring and that’s not just a mean slant – there is absolutely nothing alluring about the city if you are a . May 20,  · Countries Where People Have The Most And Least Sex. By Carl Pettit | May 20, | Add a Comment. Sex is on the brain. Sex can often drive us insane. Who’s doing it, who wants to do it, and who isn’t getting any at all? How can I get some more, or maybe a little bit less, or perhaps less with one person, and more with someone else?

Dec 19,  · 1) This is a measure of least sexist, not least sexiest, although the two clearly seem to be correlated. 2) The first three of four scores used in the measurement are broadly similar, so all this study is really measuring is "Political Empowerment," i.e. it's just a ranking of how many women are involved in politics. Useless study and rankings. Apr 21,  · Ranking America's most and least sex-happy cities in terms of condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales, and rates of a few STDs in the October MetroGrade from Men's Health.