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Feb 01,  · Rubie's Top Four Ironing Board Covers. HOT JAV Massage Extremely Excitement Sexy - Full Body With Oil - Massage Traditional Relaxing VLog - Duration: Japan Vlog 7,, views. Jun 23,  · It’s a cover for your ironing board with a nice little picture printed on to brighten those long days spent ironing ties and things. What makes this gadgety, is that the part where the clothing is painted in heat sensitive ink. That’s right. The heat makes’em naked.

Jul 02,  · How to Make an Ironing Board Cover. This is outrageously easy, but then, really easy is really good — right? You won't need to make a casing, obtain cord for ties, or even thread a cord for the casing because we are going to use the casing 89%(9). Men, stop your girl nagging you to do your bit around the house, get her this and she will never complain that you don’t do your share of the ironing again. All you need to do is simply iron over guy’s towel or girl’s bikini and watch it disappear to reveal the subject in all his or her glory! Ironing will never be boring again!

Naked Man Ironing Cover - As you iron and the board gets warm, the towel disappears. Now that I have to iron clothes on a weekly basis, this would make the chore a little more enjoyable. Encasa Homes 'Luxury Line' Ironing Board Cover with Extra Thick Padding Large x38 (Fits Board of Length tocms - Width 35 to 40cms) Multistripes Printed for Home & Hotel.