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Jan 13,  · The underwear bombers Christmas Day attack has prompted calls for the increased use of full-body scanners at airports. and converged on the Berlin-Tegal airport. of a passengers naked . Do airport body scanners see me naked? Before the AIT scanners were Rapiscan “backscatter” screening machines, and these machines use ionizing radiation or X-rays to scan the body, according Author: Emily Dinuzzo.

Some sample images from the trial airport scanners. The scanners use a low energy X-ray to reveal any objects, metal or otherwise, under a person's clothing, including body features. If I pose nude while traveling I better at least get a Guy's Gone Wild T-shirt! Find out about airport body scanners and have all your questions answered with our at-a-glance explainer. can I refuse, will I appear naked and other questions answered. Airport body scanners can I refuse, will I appear naked and other questions answered by Pete Barden • 05/02/ • 0 Comments. An airport body scanner: image credit.

Feb 18,  · I was in a security line at Boston Logan Airport, preparing myself for the old song-and-dance of removing shoes, cardigan, laptop, basically anything I was wearing or holding that wasn’t Author: Dara Continenza. How much of your naked self can full-body airport security scanners really see? By radio-wave emitters and x-ray scanners aside, she looked naked. airport alarms would go off triggering a.