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why do women wear men's clothing why cant men wear pantyhose or tights I have many tights and pantyhose in most colors the support they give the feel the . But labeling me because I love to wear pantyhose and I love the way they make me look and feel is total BS. I don’t look like a grandma, and my legs, especially while wearing pantyhose, cause a lot of guys to trip over their feet because they are watching my legs instead of where they are going.

To wear pantyhose, or not to wear pantyhose, that is the question. Women the world over are torn between sporting the itchy, easily-torn accessories or going out bare-legged. While pantyhose may not be the most comfortable part of an outfit, they do bring an element of sophistication to an. May 31,  · Wearing pantyhose to job interviews or work depends on a number of factors, starting with the company. If you know the company allows business casual dress, you should feel fine not wearing pantyhose, but if business dress (a pantsuit or a suit with a blouse) is preferred, pantyhose would be more appropriate.

Nov 28,  · Understand the reasons why men order and wear pantyhose. Many men wear patterned or colored pantyhose in place of socks as a fashion accessory. Construction workers, painters and other manly jobs often require working in the extreme cold temperatures. These men discovered they could buy the larger women's pantyhose to add a thin layer for warmth%(). Nov 18,  · Questions about how to wear pantyhose, stockings and tights are something I get asked about all the time. I recently received an email about this and decided to address it. This reader asked me the following: I never know when or when not to wear stockings. Did stockings go out of style.