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May 04,  · Vaginal inclusion cysts are the most common type of vaginal cysts. This type of cyst is caused by an injury to the wall of the vagina, and may occur during childbirth or after a Jacquelyn Cafasso. Oct 15,  · A vaginal cyst is usually located on or under the lining of the vagina. There are several different types of vaginal cysts: Inclusion cysts are one of the most common types of vaginal .

Aug 01,  · Vaginal cysts are lumps found in the lining of the vagina. Cysts are generally closed sacs filled with fluid. In most cases, a vaginal cyst forms when ducts or glands in the vagina become clogged. The cysts can vary in size, with some being as small as a . Jan 08,  · Bartholin Cyst – Pictures, Symptoms, Drainage, Removal, Treatment and Home Remedies. But in rare cases, a chronic cyst may develop in the Bartholin Vaginal duct. In postmenopausal women or those above 40 years of age, a swollen Bartholin Cyst can be a sign of a cancerous tumor. But it is only in very rare cases of Bartholin Cyst cancerous Author: Shavit Gavish.