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Jan 26,  · I saw in some older posts that a company was working on a valve to put on the end of a cath tube to prevent backflow and infection. The holey-foley seems a bit much for me as I am new to cathing. I just want to let it drain freely into a diaper, no alterations and . She unclenched her bladder muscles, letting her pee flow freely into the thirsty diapers. After this conscious decision, she turned her head toward Jeff. "So how about it, babe?" She shook her head no. "That's pretty stupid you know. This means you're going to be in diapers for quite a long time," he concluded nastily.

Jul 09,  · Diaper story stealing diapers Read More» Drugged and helpless James was not able to move an inch. James tried to scream and soon his mouth open a large pad was placed in his mouth. Unable to speak tears started to form around James eyes. James unable to speak just nodded his head yes. Lora turns a small valve and fluid began to flow. My mom took me to the Dr. and he couldn't find anything wrong, but the problem persisted and I was taken to a local hospital for testing. Everyone was very nice and it wasn't a bed experience except for one thing, while I was there I started wetting the bed and they put diapers and rubber pants on me at night.

Venus is handcuffed to the headboard of the bed wearing nothing but a wet diaper when Mitch walks up with a nice hard cock for her. He rubs her diaper, getting her just as excited as he is before lubing up his cock and pulling her diaper to the side. She gets fucked good and long in her wet diaper, moaning and screaming the whole brings her to an orgasm in her diaper while rubbing. Apr 24,  · If you've seen photos or videos of grown-ups wearing diapers, it probably means you've made your way to the "weird sex fetish" corner of the internet -- which, incidentally, makes up 70 percent of its mass. But contrary to what you probably thought, those people didn't merely slap on those diapers to make some porn.