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How to choose a quality bong?

There are bongs around with just about any shape, size or color you can imagine. Unfortunately, most bongs on the market today do not live up to their expectations of smoothness and potency. The bong industry is flooded with bongs made of cheap glass with wild claims of functionality attached to them. Many users avoid bongs simply because they have had bad experiences, however most bongs on the market today underperform due to lack of knowledge in bong designs or production methods.

How does one go about buying a quality bong that will serve its purpose without failing? Bong designers constantly strive to improve bong performance while maintaining durability and ease of use. Here are some common sense guidelines to follow when choosing your next cheap bongs.

Form follows bong function

If you are looking for bongs that provide smoothness, bongs with lots of percolators or bongs made out of thick borosilicate glass should be your choice. Bongs designed to give the user more control over water level, bongs with multiple tubes and ice catchers are design features that not only look good but also improve bong performance. The purer an acryl bong tube is, the easier it will be to clean. The smoother a bondo glass joint is, the easier it will be to use. These are just some examples of the form following the bong function. There are many other ways in which bong designers have used form to follow function.

Motif bongs

If you are looking for bongs that stand out from the crowd, bongs with motifs or bongs that fit into specific genres will be your choice. Bongs depicting cartoon characters, bongs designed to look like dragons, bongs designed around a theme are all examples of bong motifs. Motif bongs are normally fun, appealing and guaranteed conversation pieces among friends.

Effectiveness over price

Choosing bongs based on price alone is not an effective way to choose quality bongs. Sure there are bargains to be had but this should come second to choosing bongs based on design features which aid in overall effectiveness. This means if you want smoothness go for borosilicate glass bongs and bongs with ice catchers. If you want durability, bongs made out of borosilicate glass should be your choice as boro glass is very resistant to breakage and scratches. It does not matter if it’s a bong, car or microwave oven, always choose quality over price when it comes to important purchases.

Since bongs are hand blown or manufactured they can vary in quality and fit and finish; therefore, choosing bongs based on the best quality bong will yield the best results no matter which genre (smoothness, motifs) the user prefers. The purpose of this guide was to give tips on how one can select a high-quality bong that meets their preferences instead of buying low end bongs that are cheap in price but cheap in quality.

Bong preferences are subjective based on bong function, bong design and bong motifs. The important thing is to remember form follows bong function, always choose effective bongs over bongs with a low price tag and look for bongs with the motifs you enjoy. All these factors combined should yield high-quality bongs that meet your preferences.

Hope this helps at least one person make an educated decision when buying their next bong!