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Page 2 - Two young friends become something much more. At the first red light, I leaned over and kissed her. To my surprise, her lips parted accepting my tongue. I couldn't resist, after the light turned green I turned immediately into the first parking lot I could find, a well lit Bank of America lot would do just fine for some male to female attention. "So are you getting some cash?" she asked.

Kathryn goes to extreme lengths to help her best friend. Kathryn's Question Ch. by val wrangler 01/07/ Next; Page 1 of 4; That first time making love opened up the flood gates for us. Luckily the school year was pretty much finished or I'm sure our grades would have suffered.

Kathryn's Question (5 favorites) - new Top story - e-witch.info You know when people use the term "I almost swallowed my gum?", well, I actually did when Kathryn asked me that question. Went into a coughing fit, too. At lunch, he sat with his two friends, Jack and Daniel. Near them sat Kathryn, and her friends, Alice, Christie and Emily. Kathryn had her brown her tied in to a pony tail. Alex himself, also had brown hair, although it was darker than Kathryns. Alex was the only one that had a free next out of his friends, and he knew that Kathryn did to.