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Four Crucial Tips To Follow After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal from Laser Away is the best option for removing all the body hair present in your face, arms, underarms, legs, or pubic area. It helps treat dark and coarse hair and provides smooth skin. After multiple sessions, the laser hair treatment helps prevent further hair growth, which leads to permanent hair removal.

If you are considering getting a hair removal treatment, it is necessary to follow the given steps to get the results you want from the process.

1. Avoid missing treatment sessions at all costs.

The laser treatment sessions are fixed based on the growth cycles of your hair. In each growth cycle, your hair follicles engage in the production of hair. The laser targets the hair that grows during the specific growth cycle. This is why the sessions are fixed with 3-4 months in between them. Missing a single treatment session is equivalent to missing the entire growth cycle. This leads to failure in completing the process effectively. As a result, the hair removal procedure becomes even longer, and you will require more sessions to get rid of your hair thoroughly.

2. Stay away from tweezers and waxes.

The laser treatment involves burning the hair follicles. To do that, the presence of hair follicles is necessary. Waxing or tweezing the hair in between sessions leads to the removal of hair follicles, which leads to complications in the hair removal process. Make sure your hair follicles are there before the beginning of laser treatment. You can share your hair, as it only cuts the hair on a surface level without removing the follicle.

3. Shave your body before the laser appointment.

Shaving your body a day before the session is suggested, as it makes the process more effective. The laser can easily target the hair follicles due to the short length of your body hair after shaving. Along with that, it also helps in the reduction of discomfort and painful experience from laser treatment. This is due to the decrease in hair length from being burned. As a result, the pain is also reduced to a significant extent. Aloe Vera gel helps calm the skin of people with extra sensitivity.

4. Restrict your exposure to the sun.

Tightening exposure to the sun before and after hair removal treatment is essential. When the treatment is under process, stay away from the sun as well. Sunburnt skin has even more sensitivity toward the process. The laser leads to sensitivity of the skin as well. If you get sunburned in such a situation, you may experience blisters during the sessions, which are highly discomforting and cause a lot of pain. It also affects the healing process.