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Creating Free Traffic to Your Blogs

Creating free traffic to your blogs is one a new bloggers biggest tools when starting out- and it is the key to success to ANY Internet Marketer, regardless of experience or knowledge.

Personally, me learning how to send traffic to my blogs was the break-through that took me from making almost nothing, to really bringing in the sales on a regular basis. And one of the absolute best ways to bring free traffic, is to create articles. just like the one you are reading now.

More than just writing an article or articles, knowing HOW to write your articles -and how to do things like, creating relevant and eye catching titles, where to place keywords and proper tagging methods, will improve your articles greatly and increase your chances of success.

Proper Article Titles

Once you have decided on a keyword for your blog – your first job is to create articles that are about the main keyword or title of your blog. Konseling Online What you need to do is to create article titles that include the main keyword- AND attract reader’s to your article and make them WANT to read it.

One good method would be to take a keyword, like ‘Outdoor Camping Equipment’ and name the article, ‘How To Choose The best outdoor camping Equipment’- or use the ‘Top 10 List’ method, like ‘The Top 10 Outdoor Camping Supplies Needed for Successful And Exciting Camping Trips’

These titles will keep your articles relevant to the search engines, and keep the reader interested as well.

Keyword Placement

It should be known to you, that article’s are great for 2 things-

  1. Sending Links To Your Website -this is HOW blogs get ranked, by having good, quality links to your blog.
  2. Sending FREE Traffic To Your Blog – Articles have the amazing ability to get ranked in the search engines, all by themselves -and without ANY help from linking strategies.

And the best way to get your articles ranked is to set them up in a way that MAKES the search engines notice them. And keyword placement is ‘key’ for making your article seem relevant. Lowongan Kerja First thing you should do, is place your keyword within the first paragraph of the article.

Then its important to space out 3-5 more keywords throughout your article- basically this is for articles that are around 350-500 words.

And always make sure to place a keyword at the end of your article as well. AND -make sure you put 2 of these keywords in BOLD – that will make the search engine spider’s consider this as a sign that your article is relevant to this keyword.

Place Your Links Strategically

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Although some article directories only allow links to be placed below the fold- that is below where the article isn’t shown on the actual webpage. BUT – on the article directories that allow it- make sure you place a link to your main blog post as high up as possible – like in the first paragraph.

And use 2-3 different links and anchor text. I have found that this really help’s your blog get better rankings- faster. Like if you keyword is, ‘Outdoor Camping Equipment’ -create your first link as ‘Outdoor Camping equiopment’ and link it to your main blog post. Then create ANOTHER link with an anchor text like this ‘Outdoor Camping Supplies and Equipment Reviews’.

I always consider multiple links as a great way to diversify and get the most out of your articles.

For more information and more in-depth strategies on blogging and great traffic and monetization techniques- check out the ‘How To Make Money With Blogs’ information and help blog