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Mar 09,  · Other men may not masturbate because they lack interest in sex, says Herbenick. Research suggests that 14 to 17 percent of men have low Author: Ali Eaves. Nov 12,  · The high 90s. I will say however, that as one gets older as I have, one begins to appreciate the real thing, so it can lose its luster. Some men even quit masturbating so as not to train their climax to only happen that way. It improves their libi.

Mar 30,  · The fact that the data was obtained from interviews done face to face means that the only thing you can conclude is that 61 percent of the men both masturbate and are comfortable admitting it . It is not unusual for men and women to masturbate in addition to regular sex with their partners. Only about 15 percent thought that their wives knew about it, while 17 percent were pretty sure that their wives were clueless. Myths About Masturbation.

Sep 20,  · Men can use masturbation as a way to learn how to control their orgasms, while women can learn how to have orgasms more easily. Is It Normal to Masturbate When You’re Married?. Psych Central Author: Michael Ashworth, Ph.D. Jun 06,  · It’s likely not a surprise to you that men masturbate more frequently than women do, with women coming in at least percentage points behind men Author: Kristen Sollee.