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Jul 26,  · The color of breast milk is usually yellow, white, clear, cream, tan, or blue-tinged. However, at some point during your breastfeeding experience, you may be surprised to find that your breast milk can be other colors as well. Depending on what you eat or drink, your breast milk may look as though it has a green, pink, or red e-witch.infomes, a little bit of blood may even make it's way into. Frozen breast milk is sometimes yellowish in color, too. Unusual – but Not Harmful Breast Milk Colors Green breast milk. While unusual, green breast milk isn’t necessarily harmful. If you’ve been on a health kick and upped your dose of green vegetables, this may be what’s causing your breast milk Author: Yimmy.

Jun 10,  · It is probably something you ate and heck yes, I'd feed it to the baby. If you were nursing directly from the breast, you'd never know it was green. My pumped milk usually has a blue-ish tint to it. I have no idea why but it doesn't effect the quality of the milk.:)T. Aug 27,  · Your Breast milk will be Different Colors. It's ok! August 27, For example, food dyes in foods or drinks can alter the color of breast milk. It may be thin and watery looking, and may have a blue or yellow tint to it. It can even take on a hint of green if large amounts of green colored foods are consumed. The color of the milk is Author: The Milk Bank.

Hello, I have recently had 3 ultrasounds, 1 mammogram and 1 MRI as a result of general thickening and "awareness" of breast, accompanied by sticky green exudate (right breast). Exudate sent to pathology twice and both came back as Galactorrhoae My last child was born years ago. Jan 15,  · The very thought of pumping breastmilk can cause concern for the new mother. Questions like what kind of pump, when, where, and how much to pump are primary concerns, followed by concerns about the milk looking funny, storage issues and how much expressed breastmilk is needed per bottle. The answers to these concerns will vary for both individual mothers and babies depending on their.