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Become a Corporate Sponsor Corporate sponsors are critical in helping us provide mammograms and breast health services for women in need. Join a charity that will work with you to create a custom campaign and help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. “The issue of breast cancer became very personal to Ximad this year, and so it was a logical step to choose National Breast Cancer Foundation as the company's first official charity of choice. We knew it would instantly connect with the Magic Puzzles community, but we were not prepared for the overwhelming response shown by our users.

Featured Partners. Our partners take a stand to do good while doing business. Through cause marketing, event sponsorship, philanthropic giving, community and employee engagement, and the power of volunteerism, these companies have shaped the face of the breast cancer movement and will continue to do so until we end this terrible disease. Corporate Sponsorship and Granting Opportunities. Corporate sponsorship plays an integral role in helping Rethink Breast Cancer fulfill its mission. Our approach to sponsorship is designed to create win-win opportunities for everyone.

Corporate partners provide critical funding that allows to achieve its day, the impact of their support is felt around the world by women and men who are seeking the best medical information about breast cancer so they can make the most informed decisions for their lives. Breast cancer requires expert care. Our doctors treat every stage of breast cancer. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among U.S. women, affecting one in eight women who live to the age of The disease forms when breast cells mutate (change) and multiply uncontrollably, forming a tumor.