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Health Education Plan

You need to put your health first yet so many of us will leave our health at the bottom of the priority list, leaving it unattended until it gets to late and we fall into ill health.

We seem to take health for granted and that makes us feel invincible up to the point that our health fails and then we look at our health. This attitude is clearly wrong and it is up to you to take preventative action with your health and this will not only make you feel better and more energetic, you will also have your body literally thanking you and add years to your life.

The western culture, in particular the US and the UK are getting fatter and becoming overweight and obese. As a result of this more people are trying to slim down and lose some weight but the problem here is a

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Women'S Health

Single Muslim Women – Equal To Men Yet Different

Whether it be single Muslim women or men the Koran is addressed to all the Muslims and it says that the male and female ‘were created of the single soul ‘.The women’s right as per the Islam religion are the right to obtain education, to work and earn, to own independent property, equality of rewards for equal work, to express the opinion and to be heard, to refuse marriage that does not please her and so on and so forth.

Women’s dress as per the Islamic culture is based on the principle of female modesty, purity and chastity. Some of them wear a modest dress which includes loose clothing and a scarf over the head and under the chin, and some wear a burkah which is a complete covering from head, face down to the toes.

Muslim women have played a vital role in the Muslim community. Early Muslim women

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Teenage Pregnancy and the Challenges of Being a Teen Mom


Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy, refers to pregnancy in a woman aged between 10-19 years. Teenage pregnancies are a major global concern but mostly affect developing nations. Statistics show that 21 million girls aged between 15-19 years get pregnant every year. Among these, 12 million give birth. Approximately 10 million of these cases are unintended pregnancies. Among these cases, 777,000 births occur in girls below 15 years in developing countries.

Becoming a mother is one of the most significant changes that a woman experiences in her life. It comes with lots of sacrifices, challenges, and adjusting. However, there are additional consequences of becoming a mother in your teenage years.

Read through to understand the significant challenges of teenage pregnancies and ways to reduce risks associated with these pregnancies.

Signs and symptoms of teen pregnancy

Teenage girls experience similar signs and symptoms as adult women. However, the …

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Digital Health Market Trend, Outlook 2025

Digital health is a new age platforms that deals with prime focus on consumer centric healthcare approach which results in efficient and quality healthcare at much lesser cost than traditional healthcare ecosystem. It is broad term that covers various aspects of healthcare ecosystem bind together with thread of digital mediums in order to provide most handy health care service with ease of access to all stakeholders. It covers various stakeholders of healthcare ecosystems such as healthcare provider, patients, payer, pharmaceutical companies and other new stakeholders such as information and technology companies. Overall digital health covers diagnosis, treatment, consultation and long term care services at economy of cost with greater access than old location based system of healthcare

Market Dynamics

Various combinations of factors makes the market for a lucrative. Busana Muslim  Larger number of population crossing age 60 and above worldwide leads to higher requirement of healthcare needs with more

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Social Media is a Blessing or a Curse for Logo Designers

Be it logo design or other fields, the role of social media cannot be underestimated. Social media is the latest craze for any business publicity, so why be an exception to logo design! However, that doesn’t mean SM doesn’t have flaws. The logo designers out there should not be misunderstood here. My intention is not to scare you guys!

Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Strategi marketing online saat ini di media sosial, bagaimana postingan produk bisa memiliki engagement rate luaxs, cara promosi di instagram menjangkau banyak orang dan memiliki tingkat interaksi dengan followers/subscribers tinggi. Search Engine Optimization My goal in writing this article was to weigh the pros and cons of SM’s impact on logo design professionals. I’m not here to discourage you!


1. Cheap Promotion

A logo artist can promote his craft more effectively and economically using SM. If you consider print …

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