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Horror Movies. From stringy-haired ghost girls to spine-chilling urban legends, Asia is the world's biggest innovator and tastemaker in the horror genre, constantly on the cutting edge of what's going to make you shit-your-pants scared. Haunted schoolgirls, cursed flash drives, murderous family trees: we’ve got nightmare fuel on tap in our collection of iconic Asian horror movies and cult classics from Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand.

Jan 29,  · Watch Asian Horror online for free! We frequently post Japanese, Korean, Thai horror and more! Simply follow the directions above on how to use this site. Please notify us of any broken links or if you would like to see a video not posted as of yet. Leave a comment below the video title. Another good site is iidrama. On the site they have many different categories to choose from and they have both TV shows and Movies. They don't have a very big selection of horror movies, but it is still a pretty good site to use. Asizia also has a selection of asian movies. Under the movies tab, they have movies out of different genres.

Asian Horror Movies Community. K likes. We Watch, Review & Discuss Asian Horror Movies & The Impact They Have On The Horror Movie e-witch.info to watch Followers: K. No extreme horror website would be complete without an Asian Horror feature. Asian horror films are horror, thriller and suspense films made in Asian countries, including Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India, that generally follow the conventions of J-Horror (Japan) and K-Horror (Korea).