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Mar 11,  · We "mos" love the penis. Big ones, small ones, fat ones and skinny ones. We love to play with them, suck, and worship them. Unlike many females, we are constantly ready to service them and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. Pursuit of the penis is our primary motive and the reason that many of us exist. Visible Penis Head (VPH) RSS. Aug 5. Good Bye. I will no longer be posting any new posts, If you would like to take over the blog then just contact me. Posted 7 years ago. Jan 17 (Source: guyswithshorthair) Reblogged 7 years ago from cuteboy notes. Jan

Oct 03,  · Sandell captioned his cock head pic with: Getting home and stripping completely naked is my favorite part of the day. Dark Gay Web patrons also know that there's visible penis head, and then there's completely naked, and hopefully Sandell shares this "favorite part of the day" with us soon to achieve DGW Platinum Status! The hottest visible penis lines: let your imagination run wild. by. but I want to share this celeb wearing a suit that allows us to see a clear penis line Related Topics eric deman men in lycra men in spandex sport bulge visible penis line. Comments. REAL straight guys BUSTED.

Jan 24,  · Warning: This article contains images of nudity. At the latest men's Paris Fashion Week, a provocative designer named Rick Owens unveiled a fashion trend we're calling "visible penis. Pictures and videos on this blog are found via email, the worldwide web, etc. I make no claim to ownership of these pictures or videos. If you are the owner of such material, please respond by email and the media will be removed IMMEDIATELY!