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how to tie top and bottom fishing rigs - Three Basic Bottom Rigs

Oct 31,  · Bottom rigs are easy to tie. All it takes is one knot. Once you have that one knot you can tie them about any way you want them. Single hook drooper, double hook drooper, long. short, tall, multi hook, you will be able to tie them all. Tie the loop knot in the middle of the line using this quick guide: Step 4 is to thread two of the white Berkley Gulp swimming mullet onto each of the jigs. Tie your snap swivel onto your main line and connect this rig to it using the loop knot. The finished setup is shown in the picture below. It’s a relatively simple rig but it works great!

One of the most common and popular is the bottom-feeder rig. This allows you to fish for the abundant fish that feed on and near the sea floor. All of the supplies and tools you will need to tie this rig are available at most online and local fishing and tackle shops. Mar 03,  · Tie a bimini in your main line (if you’re dropping on wrecks and reefs in deep water – you should be fishing 60 to 80b braid) and tie it with a uni knot to the top eye of the three way swivel. On the mid-eye of the swivel, tie one end of the flourocarbon leader with a uni knot.

One, Two and Three-Hook Flapper Rigs. Flapper rigs have the hook snood (or 'dropper') coming off the main body line at right-angles. We all used to make these rigs up by tying dropper loops in the body line and attaching the hook snoods with cow hitches. A much better approach is to tie . Saltwater Fishing Rigs: A selection of boat and surf fishing rigs for catching saltwater fish. A new lethal fishing rig for saltwater fish species. Great for when the fish are shy or off the bottom. Fishing Rigs: Sliding Trace Rig: One of our best surf fishing tips, floating surf fishing rigs.