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Jun 28,  · Vaginal pain may be confined to your vaginal area. Or, it may radiate down from your pelvis or cervix. The most common cause of vaginal pain is infection Author: Rachel Nall. Other causes Pain syndromes: Vaginal pain syndromes are a less common cause of vaginal pain. Trauma: Any trauma to the vagina or the surrounding area can lead to pain. Postpartum: It is common for women to experience vaginal pain or soreness after delivering a baby.

Nov 04,  · Here are some of the major causes of the sharp vaginal pain: 1. Herpes. 2. Yeast Infections. 3. Vaginal Dryness. 4. His Penis. 5. Endometriosis or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. 6. e-witch.info: Daily Health Cures Editorial Team. Oct 12,  · These Are the Top Causes of Vagina Pain. Your vagina is supposed to bring you pleasure—not feel sore, swollen, achy, inflamed, or angry with pain. We've rounded up all the possible reasons your private parts are hurting, plus how to go back to feeling good e-witch.info: Kristin Canning.

Mar 16,  · Vaginal pain can also be a result of injury or trauma to the vagina or vulva. Vaginal pain during sexual intercourse is referred to as dyspareunia. The medical term for vaginal pain is vulvodynia. Depending on the cause of vaginal pain, it may be associated with. vaginal bleeding, vaginal itching, burning, rawness, soreness, stinging, and/or; throbbing.