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Martha B. Agler Scholarship (Columbus State Community College) Mary Kay Jockisch Memorial Scholarship (Columbus State Community College) Marybelle Williams Adult Student Scholarship (Columbus State Community College) Mathematics Department Scholarship - Mathematics (Columbus State Community College). On March 27, , Franklin University earned candidacy status for regional accreditation. In , the Master of Business Administration was launched for the earliest graduate courses. By , Web-based learning was developed for working adults. In , Franklin University formed a 3+1 partnership with Columbus State CC.

Adult Learner "Return to Learn" Scholarship: Varies 1 Adult Learner "Return to Learn" Scholarship: Varies 1 Edward J. Metzen Graduate Student Scholarship in Consumer and Family Economics: Varies Varies Merea Williams Scholarship: Varies Varies Merit Award Endowed Scholarship: Varies Varies Merit Awards. As for scholarship applicants, Bradshaw said the number of quality applicants is impressive. "For fall , the University has had students apply for our top academic scholarships," he said. "Of these, met the minimum criteria and were forwarded to the Scholarship Selection Committee, which in turn selected for interviews.

RBI Supports Advanced Student Scholarship & RBI Initiatives of bringing school-age and adult learners to campus during the summer for focused music study through workshops, camps and training. Good morning. The following are my announcements for the week of October 9: Global Citizens Wall – This week’s question focuses on the recent shooting in Las Vegas: In the wake of modern America’s deadliest mass shooting, officials have stated other attacks were allegedly considered at music festival events in Chicago and Boston. What does this attack mean for the safety of attendees at.