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To access this page, please sign in to your online account and enable Adult Content. Learn more. How do I remove adult channel content descriptions? I have gone into my settings and selected "Hide adult content" but when you scroll through the channels using the Guide button on the remote the titles and descriptions of the shows still appear on the TV.

Apr 29,  · DirecTV Forum - Hiding adult titles in guide?? - My one complaint about DTV so far: Is there anyway I can block the Adult titles from displaying in but I can't hide it on the guide. Any thoughts? Kind of irresponsible on Directv's part to even have these titles displayed by default IMO. I'm no prude, but the titles and descriptions in the. Aug 01,  · In this video im going to show you how to create another user profile and hide your XXX content (no judgement here). How to install Adult Channels & Hide them on Kodi Replace DirecTV.

Mar 08,  · blocking adult channels from showing in guide. Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by sherrlon, My cable receiver/dvr allows me to block the display of all adult titles and content. The channel will still be present, but not the name, and the description will simply say "Adult". D* only has a way to hide Adult. Hiding. Sep 20,  · Does unlocking the time limit have any impact on unlocking content? Thanks for any answers. if the DVR is usable during the hours of pm for example, the rest of the parental controls will still be in effect during that time. There isn't a way to hide shows like Dexter though since it isn't "adult .