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The panniculitides are a complex dermatologic entity for both dermatologists and dermatopathologists. Panniculitis is an inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and can be associated with systemic diseases. We present a case of cold panniculitis, a form of traumatic panniculitis, in a year-old woman that was caused by a cold therapy unit. Cryoglobulins and cold agglutinins have not been demonstrated to be a cause of cold panniculitis in infants. 7 Severe cold exposure or predisposition to certain conditions such as cryofibrinogenemia may occur in some adult patients. Gender does not seem to be a factor in children; however, in adults, women tend to be more predisposed to cold panniculitis secondary to obesity and participation.

Sep 01,  · • We describe four patients with panniculitis attributable to a combination of cold exposure and equestrian activities. All were young, healthy women who rode horses for at least two consecutive hours per day throughout the by: Cold panniculitis is a panniculitis occurring after exposure to cold, most often seen in infants and young children.: This condition has been described in children who suck ice or popsicles, and therefore is sometimes referred to as "popsicle panniculitis."Specialty: Rheumatology.

Cold Panniculitis. It is caused by exposure to cold. It is mostly seen in obese women and children during winter. In newborns it is caused by using ice packs. A special type of cold panniculitis that develops in children after sucking Popsicle or ice is called Popsicle panniculitis. [7] Pancreatic Panniculitis/5(26). Panniculitis can be caused by a number of conditions, including exposure to cold. This is known as cold panniculitis. Popsicle panniculitis is a type of cold panniculitis that affects some infants 6 to 72 hours after they suck on a popsicle or ice cube.