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Feb 02,  · Feb. 2, -- Adult circumcision affects a guy's sexual performance -- but not in a bad way, according to a new study. Circumcised men take longer to Author: Jeanie Lerche Davis. Mar 30,  · How It Feels to Be Circumcised as an Adult Four men who had their foreskins removed talk about whether sex is better cut or uncut and whether they regret their decision. by Jacob HarperAuthor: Jacob Harper.

Mar 13,  · Snipping the tip for a better sex life could be the evidence many men need to get circumcised. Source: Brito MO, Khosla S, Pananookooln S et al. Sexual Pleasure and Function, Coital Trauma, and Sex Behaviors After Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Among Men in the Dominican Republic. Journal of Sexual Medicine. See Also:Author: Lizette Borreli. Mar 06,  · I called up my doctor and he explained that my surgery was a lot more complicated than most adult circumcision so I maybe needed more time to heal and too just keep on trying too have sex .

Two years after the procedure, percent of the uncircumcised men said they felt “satisfied or very satisfied” with their sex lives, while among those who’d been circumcised, the figure. Jan 18,  · Anonymous men and women tell-all in this Q&A about sex and circumcision. Have you ever considered adult circumcision? And if it was truly better Author: Rachel Hills.