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The Antique Vibrator Museum is part of Good Vibrations, and it may be closed from time to time to accommodate classes, book signings, special parties, and staff trainings, as well as private tours and press events focused on the museum itself. Mar 27,  · “Bright” Idea. Posted on November 29, I should start by disclosing the fact that some staffers our shop actually liked this life-sized lightbulb-shaped toy when it showed up until I told them the MSRP is $60, which a lot for a weird-ass vibrating lightbulb.. I mean in some ways this has a lot of what we look for in a toy; % silicone, rechargeable and a unique design.

Sep 23,  · The Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum offers a glimpse at what women were working with in terms of pleasure toys from the Victorian era to the s. The museum, which touts itself as a “historical sexual treasure," began with Good Vibrations founder Joani Blank’s own personal vibrator. Sex Museum in Amsterdam. The museum about a sensitive area of human sexuality is located in the busiest spot of Amsterdam, at the Damrak street, just in front of the Central Station, in the real middle of the traffic madness. Interesting figurines.

New York City Attractions Museum of Sex. Museum of Sex Only in New York! If you're reasonably broadminded and want to experience a unique museum, then this is the place for you. Note: No Minors, you have to be an Adult (18+) to enter the Museum. The world's foremost museum of the cultural significance of human sexuality. 5th Avenue & 27th Street.