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The movie, "Thumbsucker" had this web site in their movie credits, and well known personalities have "come out" and admitted what they'd never admit years ago. The acronym, ATS (Adult Thumb Sucking), is now known and used in dental schools and all over the Net. Aug 12,  · So for any adult thumbsuckers feeling like they really want to quit, here's how I did it. I trimmed my nail nice and neat (at least the best I could with my nail biting habit) and painted it clear. I never had painted nails (paint didn't last on my wet thumb) so there was a distinctly "different" feeling.

Adult Thumbsuckers. Cate7 Cate7 [50] Yes, not completely harmless but for most, especially an adult, it is essentially harmless and a lot more harmless than some of the more "adult" alternatives. Even with one's teeth, it can be looked at as an accommodation where the teeth shape to make it more fitting and, therefore, more comfortable. Jun 28,  · Polls done on the website suggested that slightly fewer than half of their adult thumb-suckers use their left thumb, with the slight majority using the right one.