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It can be especially worrying for a young person to begin struggling with memory because of this misconception that it is strange and unusual. Read on to understand the signs, causes, and more of short-term memory loss in young adults. Signs of Memory Loss. Several problems can indicate that a young adult is having trouble with memory loss. Jun 04,  · Meanwhile, depressed people with diabetes have been shown to have a higher risk of memory loss, and people who are uneducated are more likely to be obese. It seems that from a young age, the most important thing a person can do is be as healthy as possible, with the help of .

Apr 09,  · Memory loss in young adults comprises certain types, knowledge of which is very important. In the following article, you would not only learn the types but also the causes, the symptoms, and the treatment. What is also called 'amnesia', let us see what exactly we mean by memory loss, and how it can be prevented, and treated. Read on Author: Neha Joshi. Jun 05,  · A new study has found that the presence of issues such as depression and physical inactivity increases the likelihood of memory complaints, even among young adults.

Jul 07,  · Memory Loss Causes in Young Adults. If you’re a young adult, you may be mystified as to why your memory is so bad. Typically, we think of memory issues as going hand in hand with aging, but, unfortunately, memory loss is becoming surprisingly common in young adults. People who suffer from this deficiency can suffer memory loss episodes for a lifetime and recovery can be difficult. This is one of the most dangerous causes of long term memory loss in young adults. List of Symptoms of Memory Loss in Young Adults The symptoms of memory loss in young adults are almost the same as other memory loss symptoms.