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The Use of Mediation in Adult Guardianship Cases Course Level: Intermediate Written by: Mary F. Radford, J.D., adapted from articles and book chapters prepared by Mary F. Radford. THE USE OF MEDIATION IN ADULT GUARDIANSHIP CASES Formal guardianship proceedings1 can be painful and traumatic for all of the participants. The imposition of a guardianship and the choice of who will serve as guardian will have a momentous impact on the personal and financial future of the ward.

Mediation provides an ideal opportunity for the parties to air their differences, feelings, opinions, perceived slights, etc., giving the parties the opportunity to hear, consider and respond to each others’ perspectives and possibly change their own position accordingly. This could result in a measurable reduction in the inefficient use of court resources. A pre-recorded streaming video replay of the December webcast, Adult Guardianship Law and Mediation. Note: Your GAL certificate may be found at the front of your written materials.

] Mediation in Guardianship There is little empirical evidence as to the use or effectiveness of mediation in adult guardianship cases. The Center for Social Gerontology (TCSG)9 began researching and fostering the use of mediation in adult guardianship cases in the. Mar 05,  · Adult guardianship mediation is a facilitated, non-adversarial negotiation in guardianship settings that takes place in addition to, or in lieu of, formal legal proceedings. It is effective in helping the parties involved in the dispute reach an Dispute Resolution Center.