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Reality Crash Productions: showcases original and creative projects from writers, artists, film makers and critics. They are looking for people to contribute to the site. You retain full rights for your work and a web page is provided for you. Revival Entertainment: this team is . List of film producers. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Following is a list of notable film producers, some of whom have also worked in other media. (list is sorted alphabetically by surname) A–M. J. J. Abrams – Lost, Cloverfield, Alias, Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek.

Jan 25,  · Production Companies Seeking Scripts We are looking for completed feature length cross-genre sci-fi/adventure scripts. Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers welcome. Our credits include “The Time Machine” (). List your screenplays on InkTip so that producers in Hollywood and abroad can find you. Our. Nov 13,  · Within days of the post going up, I was inundated with emails and tweets gently telling me just how wrong I was, and from those who know best: women in the trenches of the adult film industry, working tirelessly to create good porn for other women like Nikki Gloudeman.

Scripts & Screenplays Wanted By Producers A lead of mine emailed me this list of producers looking for scripts. Check it out. We are looking for completed ½-hr or 1-hr adult comedy teleplay scripts as samples for a possible writer-for-hire opportunity. We are developing a television series that has the humor style (and rated-R leeway) of Author: Frances Beckham. Currently Looking For: Adult and Young Adult fiction in the fantasy (Tolkienesque, low-magic), horror, thriller, mystery, and romance (especially suspense) genres. As well as non-fiction projects in the areas of science, history, philosophy (by top researchers in their field), Judaica, memoirs, and true crime.