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DISABILITY REPORT - ADULT. PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE COMPLETING THIS REPORT. The information you give us on this report will be used by the office that makes the disability decision on your disability claim. Completing this report . You must enable session cookies in your browser to use this service.

There are a number of forms that are required in order to fill out a Social Security Disability claim. SSA Form , the Adult Disability Report, is the most comprehensive and, some argue, the most important of the forms that you will fill out when applying for disability benefits from the . The Disability Report – Adult is a lengthy document, coming in at nearly 15 pages long. It contains detailed questions regarding several things, including your past employment, education, medications, and medical treatment. When you receive the report, set aside some time to complete it, breaking it into a few sessions if you’d like.

Form SSABK, Disability Report - Adult is a form used to provide information when you claim Social Security disability benefits for adults. The report - also known as the SSA Form BK - was issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA).The latest version of the document was released in October An SSABK fillable form is available for digital filing and download below/5(47). At several stages during the disability determination process, SSA will review with scrutiny a Claimant’s answers to this questionnaire. Therefore, the Claimant should take care and time in answering the Adult Function Report questions. In answering the Adult Function Report questionnaire, the Claimant may wish to consider the following Tips.