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An adult bedwetting message board and chat line is an easy way for adults coping with enuresis to get helpful ideas from others in the same situation. There are many sites on the Internet that deal specifically with adult bed wetting issues. These sites often have medical doctors who reply to patients' questions and offer helpful advice. Jul 29,  · would anyone else benefit from a message board on incontinence and adult bedwetting???? Mine is related to seizures, and autonomic nervous system disorder, and diabetes. comes and very embarrassing, and an online support group that DOES NOT INCLUDE THOSE WHO WANT TO WEAR DIAPERS/PROTECTIVE PADS too many kinky sites that basically .

Your new WebMD Message Boards are now open! Making the move is as easy as Head over to this page: As an adult a couple years ago I went to my dr. and asked him what I could do. He prescribed me some pills-their name escapes me for the moment but they helped but the moment I stopped taking them I was back to bed wetting. I'm at the. Jun 25,  · Bed Wetters General Forum. This is a forum for just general topics about bed wetting or off topic posts made by bed wetters. Here is the place to talk about what's on your mind. If you have a topic you want to talk about that doesn't fit into any other forum, this is the forum for it. (Any posts that mention AB/DL content will be deleted.

Mar 27,  · I'm 20 years old. Last night I had a dream I was in the bathrrom on the toilet going pee. Well, at that point I wet the bed. Thinking I was on the. It may surprise you that adult bedwetting is a very common occurrence. In fact, this page is the most visited page on the NAFC website. If you live with this condition, we encourage you to sign on to the NAFC Message Boards. Many people on our message boards live with adult bedwetting and it’s a safe, anonymous place to learn from others.