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If you suspect you have ADHD, depression, or both, make an appointment with your doctor. They can help diagnose your symptoms. They can also help you develop a treatment plan that works for Erica Roth. Some symptoms of ADHD and depression are a lot alike, and that can make it tough to diagnose and treat those conditions. For example, trouble with focus is one of the signs of both depression and Author: Matt Smith.

Then they start managing their ADHD by ADHD medication, adult ADHD coaching or therapy, exercise, lifestyle changes, greater self-awareness and participation in Adult ADD support groups, and the grey fog of depression starts to lift. Eventually, there’s no more depression, just Pete Quily. Aug 22,  · Being depressed with ADHD can be like a roller coaster: You start off high, How has the combination of adult ADHD and depression affected you? Let me know! We're in Author: Jeff Emmerson.

ADHD symptoms in adults may look a lot like depression, especially in women like Jordana, who was diagnosed in her 20s. This is her story of learning to communicate, Author: Carl Sherman, Ph.D. This scientific ADHD test will help determine whether you may have adult attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Quick 2 minute quiz with Instant Author: Psych Central Research Team.