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Abuse can take many forms, ranging from overt physical and/or sexual assaults to bullying and emotional abuse that are more difficult to prove but whittle away at a person’s dignity and sense of worth. The word “abuse” is a broad term that describes any behavior that is: Unwanted. Intentionally harms an individual. Is demeaning or insulting. Sexual Abuse. admin. The suspect arrested in the rape of a mentally disabled teen aboard a Metro bus has an extensive criminal history, including charges of sexual assault, authorities said Friday. Smith was 16 at the time of the attacks and was certified to stand trial as an adult.

Sullivan and Knutson found, in , that children with intellectual disabilities were at slightly greater risk of sexual abuse than disabled children in general, who in turn were at times greater risk of experiencing sexual abuse than non-disabled children.: Jan 08,  · The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About People with intellectual disabilities are the victims of sexual assault at a rate seven times higher than those without disabilities. But this.

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES. Abuse of Children with Intellectual Disabilities. The Arc (), 3 pages Overview examining the rate of victimization of children with intellectual disabilities, the vulnerability of such children to abuse, signs of abuse, and how to prevent abuse. SEXUAL ABUSE OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES 05 In order to build an appropriate sexual abuse risk reduction and response system in Ohio, we need a thorough understanding of the reasons why this type of abuse occurs. With an understanding of .