Day: January 29, 2022

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BCBSA invests in digital health savings account startup

Digital benefits startup First Dollar raised $14 million led by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s venture arm, with participation from Next Coast Ventures and Meridian Street Capital, the company announced on Thursday.

First Dollar, which offers a digital wallet consumers can use to spend tax-advantaged cash like Health Savings Accounts, adds the Series A round to cash from angel investors Firefly Health CEO Fay Rotenberg, Bright Health Group chief technology officer Brian Gambs, RPM Ventures Managing Director Marc Weiser and more. The Austin-based company said it has raised $19 million in total venture funding.

“Paying for care is the main way consumers engage with their health plans. However, the consumer payment experience today requires consumers to navigate a complex web of healthcare benefits, spending accounts and payment cards,” Michael Spadafore, managing director at the Blue Venture fund, said in a news release. “First Dollar’s platform and vision to power

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Health News

Blocking sphingolipids counteracts muscular dystrophy

Staining of a skeletal muscle cross-section showing different types of muscle fiber in young mice. Green: slow-twitch fibers type I; Red: Intermediate fast-twitch fibers type IIA; Purple: Very fast-twitch fibers type IIB; Yellow: Laminin. Credit: Martin Wohlwend (EPFL)

EPFL scientists have made the first link between muscular dystrophy and a group of bioactive fats, the sphingolipids, which are involved in numerous cell functions and other diseases.

In a new study, the group of Johan Auwerx at EPFL’s School of Life Sciences has made the first connection between and sphingolipids, a group of bioactive lipids. The study is published in Science Advances.

Muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is an umbrella term for diseases where gene mutations result in progressive weakness and breakdown of skeletal muscles. About half of all muscular dystrophy cases involve Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). DMD arises from a mutation of the gene that codes for dystrophin,

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