Day: January 1, 2022

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Healthstream CEO Bobby Frist Jr. gives $2M worth of shares to employees

HealthStream CEO Bobby Frist Jr. is giving $2.25 million worth of his company shares to more than 1,000 employees, according to a news release. He’s also giving an additional 7,113 shares valued at approximately $185,000 to cover administrative costs. Shares of HealthStream were trading at $26.17 per share as of Thursday morning

The gift equals 86,494 shares in the company, or approximately $2,200 worth of HealthStream stock per employee. The group does not include any C-suite level executives.

“I am excited to make this contribution to allow our employees, many of whom have not previously participated in our equity programs, to become owners in the company that they helped to build and join all of our stakeholders in the future success of HealthStream,” Frist said in the release.

HealthStream is a Nashville-based provider of healthcare employee management software with $244.8 million of revenue last year.

Frist owned more than 5.6

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Why you keep eating when you’re full

It’s helpful to understand how your body tells you it’s time to stop eating. Credit: Shutterstock

Ever eaten that last slice of pizza, even though you’ve had enough? Or polished off kids’ leftovers, despite already feeling full?

To understand what’s happening—and how to fix it—let’s explore your body’s “stop eating signals” (satiety signals).

The science of satiety signals

Your body’s satiety signals kick in when your brain senses you’ve consumed enough of the nutrients you need.

Your brain takes its cue from sources such as:

stretch signals from your gastrointestinal tract (like your stomach and intestines), which indicate the volume of foods and drinks you’ve consumed

“satiety hormones,” such as cholecystokinin (CCK) and peptide YY, which are released into your bloodstream when particular nutrients from your digested food come into contact with certain parts of your gastrointestinal tract

nutrients from your digested food, which pass into your blood stream

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