Day: November 24, 2021

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How To Help Someone You Love Struggling With Addiction

When someone you love is recovering from addiction, it can be a challenging and heartbreaking process. While they will need support, it can also be difficult to know what is best. If you want to help an addict looking to recover, here are a few essential tips.

Find the Right Program

Structured programs can be one of the greatest tools for recovering addicts. These programs are designed to help provide the services, structure and support that someone needs when they want to recover. If you want to help your loved one recover, make sure that you find the intensive outpatient program Austin TX that is the right fit.

Be Supportive and Compassionate

Your job is to be supportive and compassionate. Especially for those who have supported a loved one navigating addiction, it is easy to develop compassion fatigue. If you cannot do that, take a step back and give yourself …

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No sanctions over deficiencies at California virus test lab

California’s new coronavirus testing laboratory won’t face sanctions for what state officials had called “significant deficiencies” that a whistleblower said threatened the accuracy of its results, authorities said Monday.

The Valencia Branch Laboratory was found to have problems with training and record-keeping but authorities couldn’t substantiate reports stemming from a whistleblower that the lab destroyed data or documents, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The problems found were “routinely found in laboratory inspections,” the department said.

“All deficiencies were addressed and there was no impact to the integrity of the tests processed at the laboratory” so sanctions won’t be imposed, the agency said.

The $25 million lab opened in October 2020 north of Los Angeles. In a preliminary report, the state said a fraction of 1{f771d91d784324d4be731abc64bffe0d1fd8f26504ceb311bcfd8e5b001778f4} of the more than 1.5 million tests processed had problems.

The health department’s Laboratory Field Services division issued a notice last

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Outdoor activity tied to mental health of teens, young adults during COVID-19 pandemic

Credit: Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Declines in outdoor activities and park use during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic were linked to reductions in mental health measures for teens and young adults from middle school through college, according to two new studies led by North Carolina State University researchers.

The studies build evidence for the mental benefits of nature’s medicine—and the potential hazards of restricting access, researchers say.

“This is an opportunity for anyone concerned about the health and well-being of future generations to focus on the power of parks when it comes to mental health promotion, and to figure out what we can do to make sure all segments of the population have access to enjoy the health-related benefits that parks can provide,” said Lincoln Larson, an associate professor of parks, recreation and tourism management at NC State.

Larson was the lead author of a

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