Day: November 9, 2021

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Studying the complex genetics behind hair color reveals how melanin affects us

Genetic analysis can reveal how hair gets its colour. Credit: Shutterstock

One of the traits that we usually use to physically describe people is their hair color. Hair is a useful descriptor because it varies so much among us.

Melanin is the molecule responsible for the many different color tones. It’s also responsible for the color of our skin and eyes. We inherit these traits from our parents in a complex way.

Understanding how our can produce different hair color tones can be as difficult as untangling long hair after not brushing it for several days.

Even though some genes are known to determine hair color variation, recent studies based on large cohorts of people from the United Kingdom and Latin America have shown that there are more than a dozen genes involved in hair color.

In a recent paper published in Communications Biology, my

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Digital Health Market Trend, Outlook 2025

Digital health is a new age platforms that deals with prime focus on consumer centric healthcare approach which results in efficient and quality healthcare at much lesser cost than traditional healthcare ecosystem. It is broad term that covers various aspects of healthcare ecosystem bind together with thread of digital mediums in order to provide most handy health care service with ease of access to all stakeholders. It covers various stakeholders of healthcare ecosystems such as healthcare provider, patients, payer, pharmaceutical companies and other new stakeholders such as information and technology companies. Overall digital health covers diagnosis, treatment, consultation and long term care services at economy of cost with greater access than old location based system of healthcare

Market Dynamics

Various combinations of factors makes the market for a lucrative. Busana Muslim  Larger number of population crossing age 60 and above worldwide leads to higher requirement of healthcare needs with more

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‘COVID hit us over the head with a two-by-four’: Addressing ageism with urgency

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization announced a global campaign to combat ageism — discrimination against older adults that is pervasive and harmful but often unrecognized.

“We must change the narrative around age and ageing” and “adopt strategies to counter” ageist attitudes and behaviors, WHO concluded in a major report accompanying the campaign.

Several strategies WHO endorsed — educating people about ageism, fostering intergenerational contacts, and changing policies and laws to promote age equity — are being tried in the United States. But a greater sense of urgency is needed in light of the coronavirus pandemic’s shocking death toll, including more than 500,000 older Americans, experts suggest.

“COVID hit us over the head with a two-by-four, [showing that] you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results” for seniors, Jess Maurer, executive director of the Maine Council on Aging, said in an October

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