Day: October 23, 2021

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Healthcare’s supply chain poses the next big environmental challenge

Healthcare companies in recent years have largely focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as they strive to become more environmentally sustainable. While that focus has produced several innovations in conservation and alternative energy use, critics argue those actions have only scratched the surface of reducing healthcare’s climate footprint.

Hospitals have remained one of the world’s largest polluters despite increased calls to address climate change. Healthcare greenhouse emissions rose 6% from 2012 to 2018, according to a December 2020 Health Affairs study. As a whole, the industry now makes up more than 8% of all U.S. emissions.

“The healthcare sector has been a real laggard in terms of climate,” said Jessica Wolff, director of climate and health for Health Care Without Harm, an international advocacy organization that promotes ecological healthcare practices. “In corporate America, many, many companies have done full greenhouse gas inventories and set ambitious goals—that’s not the case with

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Aromatherapy spray linked to US deaths faces recall

This undated photo provided by Walmart and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a bottle of Better Homes & Gardens aromatherapy lavender & chamomile essential oil and semiprecious stone-infused room spray. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Walmart issued a recall Friday, Oct. 22. 2021, for 3,900 bottles of the spray. Credit: Walmart/CDC via AP

U.S. health officials may have solved the mystery of how four people in different states came down with a serious tropical disease even though none had traveled internationally: an aromatherapy spray imported from India.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that investigators found the same type of bacteria that causes the disease, melioidosis, in a spray bottle found in one of the patients’ homes.

The four people were from Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota and Texas. Two of them, one a child in Georgia, died.

The agency said it was testing

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