Day: July 21, 2021

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8.7K of 11M vaccinated people test positive for COVID-19

A tiny fraction of vaccinated New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID-19 as infections and hospitalizations rise, the state Department of Health told The Associated Press Tuesday.

At least 8,700 vaccinated people have tested positive for COVID-19, according to department spokesperson Abigail Barker.

That’s out of the nearly 11 million New York residents who are fully vaccinated. And it’s also a fraction of the 244,000 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in New York since April 1.

State health officials didn’t immediately provide Tuesday the date of New York’s first breakthrough case, or an estimate of how many of those people were hospitalized or died.

“We are continuing to investigate the number of fully vaccinated people who may have been hospitalized or passed away,” Barker said.

No vaccine is perfect, meaning fully vaccinated people occasionally will get infected. And so-called “breakthrough cases” usually are mild, according to health experts.

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Urgent need for anti-smoking campaigns to continue after pregnancy

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

Curtin University research has found quit support for smoking mothers should continue even after their first babies are born, given that many of those women will become pregnant again, and that quitting can substantially reduce the risk of future preterm births.

The examined the records and histories across 23 years, of 63,540 Australian women with more than one child, who smoked during their first .

Lead researcher, Professor Gavin Pereira form Curtin’s School of Population Health said more than one third of women who smoked during pregnancy were able to stop smoking for their next pregnancy.

“Our research found that for more than 30 percent of smoking mothers-to-be, quitting for their next pregnancies was achievable, and importantly could reduce the risk of early in subsequent pregnancy by as much as 26 per cent,” Professor Pereira said.

“While the benefit of quitting in

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