Day: April 10, 2021

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Ohio expects to save $240 million in Medicaid drug costs by running its own PBM

Ohio officials expect that consolidating the seven private pharmacy benefit managers that run its Medicaid managed-care system into a single, state-regulated PBM will save more than $240 million every year. The change will go in effect starting in early 2022.

Officials will administer PBM services through Gainwell Technologies, a state-regulated PBM that will replace the seven PBMs currently operating in the managed-care system. A pharmacy pricing and audit consultant will help state officials make decisions with regard to in-network providers, pharmacy reimbursement and more.

Ohio Department of Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran declined to name the consultant working with Ohio.

“There’s too much about the PBM world that is not transparent,” she said. “There’s too many opportunities for conflicts of interest. There’s too many opportunities for decisions to be made based on profit, and rebate amounts, and things like that, rather than the best interest of the consumer.”

The state is

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Health News

Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

Tick-borne encephalitis is a disease just as nasty as it sounds. Once bitten by an infected tick, some people develop flu-like symptoms that resolve quietly but leave behind rampant neurological disease—brain swelling, memory loss, and cognitive decline. Cases are on the rise in Central Europe and Russia with some 10,000 incidents reported each year. Vaccines can provide protection, but only for a limited time. There is no cure.

Now a new study describes antibodies capable of neutralizing the transmitted by tick bites. These so-called broadly neutralizing antibodies have shown promise in preventing TBE in mice and could inform the development of better vaccines for humans. Further, preliminary results suggest that the antibodies may not only prevent tick-borne encephalitis but even treat the condition, as well as the related Powassan virus emerging in the United States.

Lead author Marianna Agudelo and colleagues in the laboratory of

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Water soluble vitamins aren’t stored in the physique, …

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