Day: December 8, 2020

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Baylor Scott & White to cut a third of its corporate finance department

Dallas-based Baylor Scott & White Health will lay off around 100 accounting and finance employees as the largest health system in the state copes with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The not-for-profit health system plans to outsource those roles to workers in India to free up capital for patient care as COVID-19 cases swell in Texas. The third-party vendor will hire some of the displaced Baylor Scott & White employees, the organization said, which has nearly 45,000 workers across its network.

“As we continue to reshape our operations for the future, we are being more intentional in how we direct our resources to patient and member care,” the organization said in a statement, noting that it has 2,000 open clinical positions. “While we will be retaining approximately two-thirds of our corporate finance department, about 100 positions are being eliminated, and some of our impacted employees are being offered positions with a

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In US, vaccine operation soon to be put to the test

The coronavirus vaccines produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are expected to be the first ones given to Americans

Trucks and cargo planes are at the ready to distribute millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine across the United States, a complex task led by a four-star general that will ultimately proceed more slowly than initially expected.

US Army General Gus Perna, in charge of logistics for the government’s Operation Warp Speed, has been putting his troops—a mix of soldiers and health experts—through dry runs for weeks, in anticipation of the day when a is approved.

The US Food and Drug Administration is due to grant emergency use approval to the vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, likely soon after December 10 and 17, respectively.

The goal: to distribute the first batch of roughly 6.4 million Pfizer in 24 hours to all hospitals and other sites that have ordered

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